07 September 2011

...And Relax !

The school holidays are over. 

As a kid they seemed to go on for ever but never for long enough. As an adult I hate them twofold.
Firstly because my shop's business includes selling school uniforms, which builds to a peak of frantic stressed parents panicking because the "back to school" day has caught them unaware. Year after year I take a secret smug satisfaction in having sold out of an item that a parent needs "now" because Little Johny/Jane starts school in five minutes and nobody told them what day they started / what uniform they needed /  where to get it. Despite 99% of other parents in the school knowing all this, of course it's never their fault. And why they think if they repeat the words "What am I going to do now" over and over again I'll be able to magic one out of thin air I've never understood.

But frantic as it all becomes, it's a necessary part of business. My second, but much bigger "hate" is the fact that my wife works as a teaching assistant. Not only can she spend the beautiful summer days lazing around sunbathing in the garden (well not this year obviously) she gets to have 6 weeks of lie ins. Accustomed as I am to having a nice "wake-me-up" cup of tea brought to me in bed (who are you calling spoilt ?) I spend the summer weeks getting myself up and - shock horror - having to make my own cuppa.

Now it's all over for another year - normality is resumed.


MissGvious said...

Don't I just know it ;)

Snopper said...

Tell her to go and get a proper job like casting rivets in an iron foundry. (winky thingy)

TGR Worzel said...

Interesting post Wurz. Hope you are enjoying your early morning cuppa's again...!

From my point of view, school holidays are great for making the morning rush hour a lot easier, but they can cause traffic jams in other places (e.g. near Paultons Park) a little later in the day.

Parking in my road is also chaotic during the summer months, when the schools are out, as the Mums abandon their cars wherever they can in order to get Johnny/Jane to the paddling pool...

School holidays are a mixed blessing I reckon.

Wurzel said...

Not sure if I should mention this TGR Worzel but whilst she is off for the summer my wife often takes her grand-daughter to the Hedge End paddling pool. She parks I know not where !