19 March 2011

The Comeback Tour

The previous incarnation of this blog -  Wurzel's World - like a car running on empty, stuttered, and hiccuped  a few times before finally succumbing (not before time, many would say) to a full and final stop.

Now, due to popular demand (when I say popular, someone made the mistake of asking what had happened to my blog), like an ageing rock star reliving past glories, it's being brought out of retirement, scrubbed up, and made ready for it's legion of fans* old and new. And just like those ageing rock stars it is, of course, nothing to do with the money.

Watch this space, there's more to come. No idea what yet but that's all part of the fun.

 *The use of the plural of the word fan was  due to an unrealistically optimistic mood whilst posting, probably brought on by too much coffee and a hint of blue sky and sunshine

1 comment:

Snopper said...

Welcome back, Wurz. It`s not been the same without you. (winky emoticomy thingy)