26 May 2012

A Sad Passing

On Wednesday evening we had to have one of our cats, Hubble,  put to sleep. A blocked bladder caused a very rapid deterioration from fit as a fiddle on Tuesday morning to no hope left (or only one, but that required a lottery win to pay for it ) by Wednesday evening. Much as I find cats very much a far second to dogs in terms of affection it was still an emotional moment when the decision had to be made. I stayed with him throughout the process , and it struck me that at 50 years of age I have seen dead bodies before (animal and human) but this was the first time I had seen anything actually die. A small injection in his leg and he, very peacefully, simply took one last breath and settled his head down comfortably and quite literally passed away. All over in about 30 seconds No fuss, no pain, it was clearly the kindest thing to do. I really can not understand why euthanasia for humans is so taboo, under the right circumstances it has to be a better option than continued suffering.
His twin brother Bubble is no doubt  going to miss him - he appeared to be trying to rouse Hubble  before we had to take him to the vets so, if cats are able to, he probably understands what has happened.
A thank you as well to the vet, she dealt with what can never be an easy situation in a very efficient but compassionate manner.
R.I.P Hubble :(

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