29 May 2012

Seen On The M1

Whilst driving on the M1 this weekend (a weekend away, more details later ... possibly)  I spotted signs for The National Forest. and The National Space Centre . Having heard of neither before, I looked them up when I got home.  The National Forest appears to be a new woodland planted across the Midlands, but being about a millennium or so newer than our own, local, New Forest it may be sometime before I feel it's worth a visit. The Space Centre sign conjured up visions of launch pads and shuttle missions but appears to be not quite so impressive once checking out it's details. Like the comparison with the New & National forests maybe give it another millennium and we'll be able to watch own launches there.

1 comment:

Snopper said...

That`s what happens when you stray north of Watford - disappointment guaranteed - stick with the beautiful south !!